Uniting Elite Martial Artists From Around the World!

ChunJiDo International

ChunJiDo International was originally founded by Grandmaster Robert Cutrell in 1996 as the North American ChunJiDo Association. The North American ChunJiDo Association was developed as the governing association for students practicing the art of ChunJiDo. As the art of ChunJiDo continued to grow beyond the boundaries of North American and as other world martial arts organizations who shared the traditional values and honor of the arts began to network and affiliate with the North American ChunJiDo Association Grandmaster Cutrell merged the North American operations and the worldwide affiliations into one global organization, "ChunJiDo International." Now with affiliates in 5 continents, over 20 countries, and hundreds of affiliates and practitioners across the USA, ChunJiDo International is well on its way to becoming one of the largest and most elite martial arts organizations in the world! Representing over 30 individual styles and systems of martial arts, ChunJiDo International is comprised of the most prestigious Grandmasters, Masters, Instructors, and Blackbelts in the martial arts community. Working as one ChunJiDo Family these amazing martial artists are teaching and presenting seminars around the world, sharing their philosophies, and promoting the arts with respect and honor. ChunJiDo International is committed to nurturing collaboration among different styles and systems to support the continued growth of the arts in an environment of integrity and honor. Built on the belief that we are one, " ChunJiDo Family" united in bringing the world of martial arts closer, regardless of styles, systems, or cultural differences.