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Jonothan Fehling Appointed as Lead Instructor of the Mel Korum YMCA ChunJiDo Program in Puyallup, Washington!

I am very pleased to announce that Jonothan Fehling has accepted the position of Lead Instructor of the Mel Korum YMCA ChunJiDo program in Puyallup, Washington!* Mr. Fehling has an extensive traditional martial arts background, has competed on the national level, and has demonstrated exceptional leadership with the program over the last several months. I want to compliment Mr. Fehling on his commitment and dedication to the Mel Korum program and to the art of ChunJiDo. This program now numbers nearly 300 ChunJiDo practitioners and, as with all successful programs, it takes teamwork and coordination of efforts. Mr. Fehling has tremendous support from the assistant instructors, Daniel Waldron and Lester Power. The ChunJiDo Family is on the move, establishing itself as a world leader in martial arts, and with this type of strong leadership and commitment, The Mel Korum YMCA ChunJiDo Academy will continue to be one of the shining stars in this effort. Mr. Fehling, his assistant instructors, the Mel Korum staff, and the incredible students of Washington will set the standards for others to follow. Mr. Fehling, thank you again for your commitment to the program and to the art of ChunJiDo! I look forward to your continued leadership at Mel Korum and commend you, the assistant instructors, and the Mel Korum Director, Edie Metz, for running an outstanding program that everyone in the ChunJiDo Family can be proud of! With Highest Respects, Grandmaster Robert Cutrell Soke/Founder, ChunJiDo Sensei Nancy Cutrell U.S. Director ChunJiDo

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