Why LUMAworx?



LUMAworx personnel have successfully served Fortune 500, 100 and 50 Companies, throughout the United States and over a very large portion of our great planet.



The seasoned staff at Lumaworx has the background to bring your project to successful fruition.  Small, but mighty, our crew boasts more than 70 combined years in the corporate communications arena.



Perhaps you’d like your presentation done in the style of a graphic novel, or maybe you’d simply like to have a 16’ waterfall on stage.  If you can dream it, we can do it.  If you can’t dream it, we’ll do that for you as well.



Like all artisans, we treasure our tools and strive to keep them well honed and up to date.   That means keeping abreast of industry developments and constantly updating our technology and training.

Mobile Apps

Creative development is increasingly important in order to stand out in a sea of mobile applications.  Let Luma-Soft build your next App.

Digital Photography

Learning Management

What’s This?

Employee training has always been a part of ongoing professional development. Many companies are turning to e-learning and e-certification in order to train and qualify their workforce. Learning management systems can be of great value in dealing with compliance issues as well.

To that end, a learning management system (LMS) software is designed to track and manage computer-based training and education. Education is essential to a productive workforce.

That requires access to the proper content and the correct platform for that content. Essential goals of a learning management system include skills development, increased productivity, enhanced knowledge and advanced reporting.

There is a substantial return on investment for companies that use such systems to train and educate their employees.